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wax wraps


Made using cotton  fabric, tree resin and Australian jojoba oil, beeswax wrapper the eco-friendly, long lasting alternative to single use cling wrap.



Available in three sizes -                              

Large  -      40 x 50cm     ($22)                   

Medium -  30 x 30cm     ($12)                   

Small -       20 x 20cm     ($6)                      

Use to cover left overs, wrap cheese, bread, sandwiches, salad items, or to make pouches to hold snacks for the kids.
The warmth of your hands shapes the wrap and it sticks to itself and containers.
Wash in cold or warm soapy water, rinse and air dry.
  • Use your wrap in the oven, microwave or wash in the dishwasher. Heat and wax don't mix!
  • Use in direct contact with raw meat



Buzz to the shop to buy



1 of each size   $36                   

3 x Medium -     $30


2 x Medium and

2 x Small -          $30                     

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