A single large wrap, 40 x 50cm. These will cover a standard size lasagne dish and most casserole dishes. They are perfect to fold into a large pouch for bread, salad leaves, celery etc.


Please note while I will endeavour to supply your first choice of fabric, in some circumstances it may be replaced with a similar pattern. 

Large Wrap

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  • Our beeswax wraps are hand made in Batlow, NSW from cotton fabric, beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. 


    They can be washed in cold soapy water, rinsed and air dried. Warm water is OK but too hot and you'll melt and ruin the wax. 

    DO NOT use your wrap in the microwave or oven.

    DO NOT use in direct contact with raw meat.


    With care wraps should last up to one year. Old wraps can always be re-coated with one of our DIY wax bees.

    If your wrap is torn or badly stained it's time for a new one. They can be added to a compost heap, buried in the garden to break down, or cut up and used as a firelighter.

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